Microsoft O365 Updates – May 2022


Microsoft O365 is constantly being updated with new features, security enhancements, and other improvements. The May 2022 update is no different, bringing a number of new features and changes to the popular productivity suite. Here’s a look at some of the most notable changes coming in the May update.

New accessibility features in Play My Emails

Microsoft is committed to creating products and services designed for everyone, including over one billion people with disabilities. In celebration of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Microsoft is excited to announce new accessibility features for the Outlook Mobile app on iOS and Android phones that will empower blind and low-vision customers to achieve more. Cortana’s updated features were designed to be more compatible with mobile screen readers through innovative gesture controls and improved interaction models. This will enable customers to effortlessly switch between voice commands and screen reader controls to catch up on emails, organize their day, and take advantage of Microsoft’s powerful search capabilities.

Web account switching

Web account switching for Microsoft 365 apps on iOS and Android will also be available in the May update. This feature allows users to easily switch between their work and personal accounts without having to sign out and back in each time. This is a great way to keep your work and personal life separate, while still being able to access all of your Microsoft 365 apps in one place.

Updates in Microsoft Teams allows users to create, submit, and review employee updates.

The Teams app updates, allow employees to build, submit, and review all of their updates in the context of their job. Whether they’re recurring operations that must be performed regularly, such as a weekly update, store opening, facility inspection, or momentary updates that might be required at any time, like a shift handoff, maintenance request, or incident report.

  • Assign and submit updates in the flow of work
    People may send and accept team updates through a chat, channel, or the Updates application. They just need to provide the name of the request, what data they require, who is required to finish it, and when it is due. Workers are notified in Teams that they have been assigned an update, allowing them to go over the specifics of the request quickly. They may simply submit it in a chat, channel discussion, or using the Updates app after finishing any necessary updates, pictures, files, or videos. Employees can easily give updates while performing regular chores with this quick response time for answering inquiries with a button press.
  • Review all updates in one place
    Workers will be able to use the new summary card to save time by seeing what has changed immediately instead of having to go back and forth between several documents. Managers and other spectators can keep track of and react to changes as they happen using the summary card. A comprehensive view of a supervisor’s or employee’s different updates may be seen in front-line managers and employees. The status, due date, and the number of submissions for each type are all displayed, with options allowing users to look at particular replies.
  • Get started with configurable out-of-the-box templates
    The Updates app allows you to build updates from the ground up or modify and customize existing out-of-the-box templates to meet your specific company or team needs, such as shift handoffs, maintenance requests, and facility inspections. Questions can be open-ended or multiple-choice, must or may be optional, and can include data fields. Users may also establish submission limitations, including requiring a particular delivery frequency, attaching a file, picture, or video who can see responses, and who is allowed to submit responses.

The update feature allows frontline managers, area experts, working groups, and corporate leaders to have better visibility into all update statuses and details in one dashboard.

The May update for Microsoft 365 brings a number of new features and changes that are sure to be beneficial for users. From web account switching to the ability to review updates in one place, these improvements make it easier than ever to stay on top of your work.

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