Responsive Web Design

Why Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design allows a website to provide great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes. A responsive website’s layout changes as the screen size being used to view that site changes.

We live in a world where our websites are not only visited by a variety of different devices and screen sizes, but the same customers are returning to our sites at different times using these different devices. This means that to support their experience, our websites must work well regardless of which device they may be using at a given time. The same content that they have access to on one device must be present when they return on other devices to ensure consistency in the information that they are seeking.

Importance of a Responsive Website

Responsive Web Designs is the technology that is used to achieve this and Scynett Ghana embeds it in all our web designs. Responsive Web Designs doesn’t only promote Multi-Device User which allows one website to provide a great user-experience across many devices and screen sizes, but also;

  • Improved Search Engine Rankings (Recommended by Google): Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in a search. Well, as of April 21st, 2015, Google began rewarding sites that were built responsively for multi-device support. By rewarding sites that are mobile-friendly, Google is effectively penalizing those that are not, making responsive web design an important factor in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • Easier to Manage (One Site to Rule Them All): Having a separate desktop and mobile-only website requires more work. Trying to keep multiple sites up to date and consistent with messaging is even more of a challenge. This is why a responsive website is much preferred over separate websites for desktop displays and mobile-only.
  • Future Scalability: Responsive sites are fluid, scaling up or down as needed to best fit the screens being used to access the site. This means that as new devices hit the market with screen sizes unlike what we have seen before, our responsive websites are ready to meet those new devices with a design and experience best suited to whatever screen sizes thrown at us.

Every website, regardless of the site’s goals or the audience that it serves, has to make responsiveness it’s the top priority. Get your responsive web design now by Scynett Ghana

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